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An amazing change has been taking place in the digital world, as more and more companies are creating their own web applications, powerful websites that provide the functionality normally found on a desktop application.

With the development of platforms like the Microsoft .Net Core framework, creating web applications is even easier and more cost effective than ever, putting them in reach of even the smallest organisation.

Creating the perfect system for your organisation

Building a custom application, as opposed to subscribing to an off-the-shelf service, is plain sailing as long as a few key tenets are adhered to:

  • Create clear requirements

  • Maintain robust documentation

  • Use industry standard frameworks

  • Ensure ongoing support is in place

The highly experienced Boxharry development and production team use these principles to create tailor-made web applications that fit exactly with our clients’ business models.

A tailored system with low running costs 

Whether it’s a public facing or an internal system, your new web application will be 100% owned by your organisation, which means that you can update it whenever you like, however you like. And the lack of a subscription-based pricing model frees you from the ballooning costs of volume licencing that are so often associated with ready-made systems.

If you throw in the right support team, you will have everything you need to digitise the parts of your business that couldn’t be ran by other, more generic systems.

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