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Creating a great website is all about understand who is going to use it and what they will use it for. If you know that, the rest of the work is just filling in the blanks.

From two decades of building and launching websites we have gathered an impressive array of practices, skills and management tools to help us create websites that give a real return on investment.

A few simple steps to making a great website

One of the golden rules for creating a new website is to deliver on time and to budget. This is not always simple to do with bespoke websites as they are by nature all different, so we've created a series of steps that guide us through the process:

  • Define clear user types

  • Establish what they need to do

  • Build a prototype to make sure it works

  • Design an on-brand interface

  • Build the website on an open-source CMS

That's it! This multi-stage process works every time and generates awesome results.

The feeling you get when you launch a new site

There is nothing quite like watching an old, annoying website being taken offline and replaced with one that has been lovingly created. Saying goodbye to all those things that used to drive you mad is reward enough, but then seeing the visitor numbers increase and the features being used daily is the icing on the cake.

And what’s best is that you can actually measure how well all the improvements perform by tracking usage and monitoring in-bound contacts. Which makes calculating a return on your investment simple.

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